With sustainability becoming a global concern, we, as a PPE supplier from China, feel it obligatory to participate in this important development.


To play our part well in this unstoppable trend of sustainability and to make our due contribution to this development, we have taken quite some improvement measurements.

 Solar power facilities


Solar power facilities have been installed in our factory. With 480000 kilowatt-hour of electricity being generated annually, this environmentally friendly form of power not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also is our practical action in the sustainable development.

• Advanced material- cutting machinery


Substantial investment is made to purchase advanced material-cutting machinery. As a result, material waste is minimized and CO2 emission is cut down.

 Working condition 

Workplaces are well furnished with air conditioners and are adequately equipped with fire fighting facilities; safe passages are strictly kept clear; clean drinking water and first-aid kits are safely provided. Workers are encouraged to make technical innovation and put forward their suggestions to improve working methods. Workers’ rights are highly respected and well protected. All this inspires workers’ working enthusiasm which consequently yields good production efficiency and reduces quality problems

• Requests on our material suppliers 

We communicate frequently with our raw material suppliers, stressing to them the importance of sustainable development and urging them to pay attention to sustainability in their production procedures and working methods.


We never stop looking for local material suppliers to avoid long distance transports of raw materials.


Our company has the certificates of ISO9001 and 14001.
Our factory has BSCI certificate.

Though we have achieved some accomplishments in supporting and pushing sustainable development, we are aware there is still a long way to go. We target to source and use more eco-friendly raw materials, to purchase more computerized equipments, and to buy electric cars to replace the current fuel-powered cars step by step. Our unremitting efforts will be made to further promote sustainable developments to the best of our capacity.


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• Eco-friendly disposal of leftover materials

Leftover bits and pieces of materials are treated in a green way. Bits and pieces of genuine leather and synthetic leather are sent to the city power plant to generate electricity; bits and pieces of fabrics are sent to the local textile mill to produce recycled textiles. This is also a contribution of ours to making our planet safe and green.